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adidas Gazelle W (grey / pink)

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There is hardly any other sneaker that influenced so many different generations, styles and subcultures like the adidas Gazelle. Worn by Michael Jackson, the Beastie Boys, Kate Moss or Oasis the gazelle became a cultural statement and something of a rite of passage.

But let’s start from the very beginning: Inspired by the 1960ï¾´s adidas Rom, the adidas Gazelle was first launched in 1966. At the time, the use of a suede material on a performance shoe was a novelty. The t-shaped toebox and the contrast of the white stripes against colored suede influenced so many shoes in the decades that followed.

Originally the gazelle was meant for athletes as a track and fields trainer and for handball player, but soon the shoe became a fashionable lifestyle sneaker. Unquestioned the sneaker played a huge part in hiphop, skate and brit-pop culture. With its light and slim design, its fancy suede leather which is mainly used for the upper and its flat sole the gazelle is an absolute timeless classic. No wonder that b-boys, soccer fans and even brit-pop artists like Oasis love the Gazelle. We are very happy to present you the adidas Gazelle for ladies at 43einhalb!

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