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adidas Stan Smith “Pastel Pack – blue”

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Releasedate: 10.08.2017 | Online: 00:01 CEST. | Instore: FFM.

Each one of you has it, his personal “to go” sneaker. A shoe that you choose without any worries. Whatever you expect of the day, that sneaker will still be versatile enough to go with any outfit. The Stan Smith fits perfectly into the “to go” sneaker criteria. A bit Sleek and still as relevant as ever, even 49 years after its release. Nothing can go wrong with Stan! Just simply a clean sneaker and let’s be honest: It is one of the best options and on the top billboards of the “to go” category.

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Price: £90.00
Status: Sold Out
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Price: £79.99
Status: Sold Out
Shipping: Worldwide

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