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Diadora N9000 – Men Shoes

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The shoeThe iconic N9000, originally released in 1990 comes back in a revisited version, using performance materials in the upper. The outsole faithfully reproduces the original construction, making the running heritage sneaker extremely comfortable.The brandThe word Diadora comes from the greek διὰ δωρέα “dia-dorea” Which means “to share gifts and honours”. True to word, sharing all successes, combined with a sense of teamwork in the practice of sport at all levels and with a competitive streak that is always respectful of team-mates and opponents are some of the essential principles of Diadora.This romantic and highly principled word, Diadora, is accompanied by a symbol, an ornament, which represents the origins of the company, which are rooted in a craftsman’s laboratory fabricating shoes since 1948. It’s not a flash or the tip of an arrow, as it may seem, it’s more appropriately the stylized version of an open upper: the very main element to make a shoe, whether for sport, leisure or work.Color: Green-YellowMaterial: Mesh/SyntheticProduct Code: 314212653704


Price: £69.99
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